Friday, January 10, 2014

Do you always stick to the script directions in an audition?

On the backlot

Well, the first full week into the new year has been interesting.

First, I had an audition for a show on the Disney channel. During part of my dialogue the script indicated that I shout out some of the words. But, I decided not to shout the words. I just thought I could deliver the dialogue better if I said it loud (but not shouting) and with more honest conviction (at least honest to my character). In other words, I thought it would feel more like my character, and I could do more with it, if I didn't shout. Shouting would have also effected my physical actions, and I wanted to try something different with the way the character moved.

This is one of the things we have to learn as actors, when to take a chance on something we feel is going to work for the character. And it takes time and practice to really get confident enough to commit to choices that are different from what is in the script.

When making this kind of decision, we have to be careful about our motivations. Our choices shouldn't be based on making ourselves look better. They should be about making the character and the story better.

This week I also got to attend a studio screening of the film “Gravity” in IMAX 3D at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. Wow – a relentless, action film that had me on the edge of my seat for most of the movie. Afterward, the director, producer, and Sandra Bullock spoke and answered questions.

Oh, and the audition? My agent called the next day to tell me that I'm on hold for the role. Not a definite booking yet because it doesn't shoot for a month, but it's close – we'll see what happens.

Let me know if you have questions about making a change in your sides for an audition. And for more info on auditions, here's a link to my new audition guide on Amazon:
The Actor's Guide to Auditioning



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