Friday, October 3, 2014

Do you like your roles?

Well another week, another audition. A new Comedy Central show and another weird character. This seems to be my calling - to play weird, offbeat, or grungy roles. which is cool - they are the roles that are often remembered. I'm not knocking actors who play the straight roles like doctors, lawyers, etc., or the roles that give important information - called exposition roles. These are important parts because they give us information that we need in order to advance the story. But I like the more offbeat stuff - like playing the Baker on Eagleheart, or my latest role of The Undertaker on Westworld.

Here's a link if you want to see a scene with me as The Baker:

Eagleheart - The Baker

We actors sometimes have to make a choice in our careers between who we see ourselves as, and who others - especially casting directors, agents, directors, and producers - see us as. Are you the funny guy who gets cast as the angry guy? Maybe you see yourself as a leading young lady, but keep getting called in to play the nerdy best friend.

So what do you do? Well, you can try and change the way people see you by doing the type of theatre roles that are more how you see yourself, and making your own videos where you play the type of characters you see yourself as and hope that others will come around and see you as that as well.

Or you can be happy that you are being called in and cast and are able to support yourself as a performer. I write and play songs, but no one's paying me to do that. However, the money I make doing my "weird" roles allows me to spend time on my songs. But I'm also lucky because I really like performing most of the roles in which I'm cast.

You can always do your own stuff on the side. For example, if you're the funny guy who is cast in dramatic roles, go to comedy clubs and do stand-up. Charlize Theron, known for her dramatic roles, has been doing comedy sketches on Funny or Die to show her comedic side. Will that get her cast in a comedy film? Maybe, maybe not, but at least she gets to express her funny side.

There's enough to deal with in our acting careers without being unhappy with the type of parts we get to play. You have choices and ways to fulfill your inner spirit. So embrace the paid work and give it your all, and then go do some unpaid work that feeds your soul. 



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