Friday, February 21, 2014

What am I doing to keep from going nuts???

I'm waiting again this week for a call from my agent about my last audition. He called the other day to say that I was on avail for a nice role on a network show. But in truth I'd go nuts if I just sat and waited for the call.

So, what am I doing? One of the things I do to take my mind off waiting for a call is to work on my own projects – something, that I have more control over. I've talked about this before, but it's worth mentioning again:

Although we actors have control when we are auditioning, after we leave the casting office, it's out of our hands. We'd like to think that the best actor gets the role – regardless of things like our height, weight, hair color, and many other factors that are out of our hands - but for co-star, and guest star roles, and especially with commercials, these other factors can play a big part in the final casting.

So, doing our own projects and other creative activities, is a way of taking control of our creative life. We shouldn't put everything in the hands of others!

I finally finished my latest screenplay a couple of months ago and I'm now getting it ready to submit to a major contest. After that, it's back to finishing up the post production on my latest sketch, which I'll post on Funny or Die and maybe YouTube.

Of course I also uploaded my guide to auditioning on Amazon recently (the link is over there on the right side of this page) – and let's not forget my plans to take over the world! Lots of work to be done there.

The point is, there are things we can do to not only fill the time with our own creativity, but that will also help advance our careers. Casting directors (or their assistants) do check out stuff that is posted online on sites like the ones I mentioned above (if you like to perform comedy, you might want to seriously think about getting some sketches up on Funny or Die).

What do you do that's creative besides acting? Writing, directing, juggling?

Let me know and we'll discuss ways of using it to advance your acting career.



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