Friday, May 16, 2014

Looking for a commercial agent

Back in November (2013) I wrote a post called: “How do I start looking for an agent?” I'd like to update and get a bit more specific.

I'm signed “across-the-board” with my current agent – which means he reps me for both theatrical (films and television) and commercial. However, I'm considering finding and signing with a separate commercial agent. There's a few reasons for this decision. My current agent does a good job of getting me out on film and television auditions, but I think an agent who specializes in commercials might get me more auditions than I've been getting.

Most, but not all, working actors will have serrate agents for different areas of work. That's because very few agencies are good at everything, especially at the smaller, “boutique” agencies where there may only be one or two agents.

So, I'm starting to put together a new package to submit to commercial agencies. I'll include two headshots – these are the two that get me called in the most – with résumés, and a brief cover letter. The headshots are not just the same look – smiling and not smiling. They are two different types of characters that I play most often in commercials – a “professor” type, and a “farmer” type. That helps agents see a range.

The cover letter will mention that I'm looking for commercial representation, that I heard their agency was a good one (never hurts to throw out a little flattery – but don't overdo it), and that my last two commercials were nationals that ran for over a year.

I'll be preparing both a “snail mail” package and an electronic one. Some agencies like emails, some still like getting hard copies. One of the advantages of sending your stuff in by email (besides saving money on postage) is that you can include a link to your demo reel, if you have one (and you should have one if you're looking to sign with an agent).

I'll write more about my search and whether or not I deside to sign with a seperate agnecy. And let me know if you have questions about finding an agent.



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