Saturday, June 21, 2014

What else do I do?

I often get asked about what I do when I'm not acting or auditioning. Well, besides doing some private coaching and making an occasional video sketch, I have a business that uses improvisational games and exercises to increase mental acuity and cognitive skills. The main business is called Spontaneous Solutions and is for businesses who want to become more creative. They can use our workshops to work on ad campaigns, or new product development, that kind of stuff.

The other part of my business is called Gymnasium For The Mind, and we hold workshops for older people who want to keep their brains working at a high level of creativity. Although we get paid for doing workshops for businesses as Spontaneous Solutions, we often do workshops for seniors at a discounted price or for free through Gymnasium For The Mind.

Part of being creative is to give something you've created to the world even if that means not always getting paid for it.

Yeah, I know – we all have to pay the rent and buy food and all that, but I believe we also need to share our creativity when we can. This not only can keep us working and learning during the times we're not earning money in our profession, but it helps us make new contacts and contributes something cool to the world (which needs all the cool things it can get!).

Not to get all metaphysical here, but the love you give when you share your creativity, will return to you in unexpected ways. You may meet people you would not have met, and have the chance to get better at being a creative person.

So, take as many opportunities as you can to work – whether you're getting paid a fortune, or just being told how much someone appreciates what you did.

And if you'd like to know more about my other businesses – here's the link:



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