Thursday, July 24, 2014

Casting my talk show - finally!

I'm putting on a different hat this week - director/producer. I'm in the thick of casting a co-host for my upcoming YouTube talk show. This is something I've wanted to do for a few years, but the right format just wasn't coming to me. But! I think I have the right idea now - at least one worth doing some shows and seeing what happens.

And that's the best we can do when we're creating our own projects. We do need to think about them for while and work them out, but at some point we need to jump in and go for it. What's the worst that will happen? Nobody will watch? - okay, so then you try something else.

The one thing that successful people have in common is persistence - not giving up. That doesn't mean to keep doing the same thing over and over if it's not working - it means tweaking and changing it, and if it still doesn't work, trying something else. But keep at it - we often learn more from our failures than from our successes.

As actors, we will go through periods of satisfying work and periods of no work. Often we will have frustrating times, but we need to believe in what we are doing, and keep finding the joy in the journey. Oh, and have fun!



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