Friday, November 21, 2014

Are things slowing down during the holidays? Here's a suggestion.

Well, the holidays are approaching and things are going to slow down audition-wise. But for me that means I'll have more time to work on my own projects.

And this is what all of us creative types should be doing. How about a pre-new year's resolution that we have some new projects online by the first of the year?

As for me. I've started taping the first few shows of The Gab Fest, a short talk show I'm doing with the talented Alison Dean. They should be ready to go up on YouTube right after the first of the year.

And my business partner and I are going to tape two instructional videos for YouTube on how to use improvisational exercises to increase your brain power. And they'll contain some funny sketches that illustrate the exercises. Should be a fun shoot.

Even when things are a bit slow for the professional work, we can create and act.

As for you guys - If you love to act (and/or write, direct, produce), write up a sketch, get some friends together, and shoot it! Then send me the links to anything you've created. I'd really be interested in seeing what my readers are up to.



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